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वनराज का संरक्षण 

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I am citizen of Nagpur, India, born in the year 1981. I completed my diploma in the year 2010 and my Master Degree in the year 2013 from “Fine Arts Department of Nagpur”, Nagpur University.  I have got an opportunity to showcase my Paintings and “Print Making”, in many Art Galleries of the country and won prizes in few of the national competitions & I have got junior Fellowship from HRD ministry of Culture, Government of India.

My Graphics have also been send to Art gallery of China during “International Print Making Exhibition“.



     India is a nation on this earth where not only gods and godesses, great souls, deities, teachers and parents are reverred. But the birds and animals chosen by the deities are worshipped too. Rat is revered as the chariot of the deity Lord Ganesha. The same way Tiger is worshipped as the chariot of Godess Durga. In ancient times in the villages and towns because of natural equilibrium humans and animals co existed peacefully. But because of ignorance of humans started destruction of healthy environment and this led to sufferings. The ignorant not only disturbed the flora and fauna but also the rivers and hills and also the king of the jungle was not spared.


     Presently the meagre population of tigers are also being finished illegaly. May be the future generation will be taught about tigers the way we describe them the extinct dinosaurs. The diminishing numbers of tigers at a fast pace gave my heart a shock, because almighty has blessed me with an artist's soft heart. Hence I have taken up the brush to make the society aware of the diminishing number of tigers and the topic of my work is Conservation of the Jungle King.


    Through my artwork I wish to convey the message that if the tiger is not present in physical form we may be forced to introduce it through the tiger dance. This is the very reason for which you see the tiger in my paintings. I wish to convey this message to each and every corner of India. But being born and brought up in a middle class family the limitations are to spread my work on a mass scale. Inspite of all this I am slogging so that I get success in my mission.


     I am overwhelmed to learn that through Art Research inspirational art and artists are awarded fellowship. If ever offered such facility I would work whole heartedly to spread the Indian ethos through my work. I would portray my art work the world over. I would influence the intellectuals and I am confident that I will accomplish my mission. If I have ever exaggerated my feelings I tender my apologies.

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