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Do not cut down the forests with its tigers and do not banish the tigers from the forest. The tiger perishes without the forest, and the forest perishes without its tigers. Therefore, the tigers should stand guard over the forest and the forests should protect all its tigers.

-From the Mahabharata, Udyogaparvan, 29, 47-48 (crirca 400 B.C.E.)

Homeland literally means a country were an individual has taken birth and the art & culture of that country have educated & civilized the native. Receiving the enlightening knowledge of values, ethics, religion morality, art and culture from Own country, an individual becomes a debtor. Such type of debt is called social debt. The Lord of fine arts has chosen a mediocre person like me to serve our time known culture and nurturing environment.

The poaching of wild animals of some rare species will make these animals to disappear from this mortal globe. Amongst the species that may come under the category of extinct, comes the national animal of India, king of the Jungle “Big cat Tiger”. Tiger is the vehicle of “Goddess Durga” therefore during the auspicious days of Navratra, in the blessed land of Kerala, tiger folk dance is presented. A dancer paints his body alike Tiger and on the rhythm of folk musical instruments performs this dance, The same dance is also seen in Maharashtra during 10 days “Ganesh festival”. Not only in Sanaatana religion but also in Islam the Shia community individual’s performance the tiger folk dance at my place in Kamptee.

I have dedicated all my creativity and creation to environment that is tiger and tiger folk dance. Through my paintings I am tirelessly putting efforts to bring public awareness regarding ‘Save Tiger’.

As today the extinct species like Dinosaur etc are presented with the help of animation film to impart information to the present generation. I pray from the core my heart of maybe presented though animated movies. Therefore let’s join hands to support the mission “SAVE TIGER”, By God’s grace if this goal succeeds & fructifies then I will consider myself fortunate enough to see my mission accomplished.

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