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The significance of incarnation and its relevance is due to the fact that the purpose of fulfillment of doctrine as per Indian history and its scriptures. This depiction can be in any form and its articulation has been shown in sages and scriptures. That's the reason this form becomes important and it itself gives birth to history. It is recollected in sages and mentioned in future.

The subject I am working on has its relation to the form of folk dance and is being practiced through generations. In fact the musicians for these folk dances are available during the Mohurram atmosphere. In this there cannot be any changes. In spite of all this the present condition of Tiger Dance is pitiable. Yes we have lost existence of many folk dances and traditions in history. We have been introduced to many cultures over thousands of years. This shows the changes over the years in living conditions and cultures. The excavations prove the golden era.

This could be because it was considered as simple folk dance and the dignity was reduced. Or may be Tiger Dance could not display its full form and the message it wanted to convey. The new form of Tiger in the human may have to appear with new vigour and enthusiasm. Maybe our society will change its taste and views and a revolutionary change may come in to fulfill the incomplete task.

That is the reason why Tiger becomes relevant. The changes we see in our society can be seen in Tiger Dance. Now what changes will come in society can only be seen in future. This folk dance will depict changes with self reliance and authority.

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