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Personal Identity is pertinent to all including birds, animals objects or any other form. How we see ourselves, and how others perceive us may be leads to our identity. We are all performing our duties, like I am a grown up man today, I was a child, then student, then a professional running a profession, or an employee. In a changing environment my identity changed with the change of time.

What is Identity?

We are identified with our name.

We are identified with our society.

Or maybe we have got identity out of inheritance.

Or maybe we have got our identity from our motherland or workplace.

Our identity depends on the different conditions.

Why do we lose our identity?

In losing one's identity months or years may be the duration. But it can also be due to a single incidence or accident. Loss of identity can change or harm us at any age because of any circumstances. This has an impact on our personality, behaviour, health, relations due to which we start losing our identity. We then start losing our feelings, self respect, self confidence, success and popularity.

Why am I putting my thoughts on this subject and is it necessary?

I am only concerned about 'Tiger Folk Dance', because this form is also losing its identity and relevance its self confidence, self respect. The tiger which is personified, which we neither call as beast or human, but is an important character in folk dance and what is its condition? Even the audience for this is reducing day by day. The responsibility lies on the performers and the audience both. The changes in the audience's taste, forms of entertainment, modernisation and changing perspective of folk dance is visible. Due to this there is decline in the performers and audience numbers. Fans and spectators are on decline and this is visible today as it is losing its identity and relevance.

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