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  • Abhishek Chourasia


Art is one of the most powerful, evocative and articulate forms of expressions of human experiences and the learning to express oneself through art is to learn the beautiful and universal language of human soul.

With India as an emerging force in the international arena, I always feel the Indian artists has a great opportunity to see the world as market and show them the rich culture we posses. With the desire to show at least a part of it to the world I have studied the Indian art regionally, the most interesting part I felt was the very local art forms which the art world has not recognized as Art. The natural properties arranged for ‘Rituals’ the decorating and colouring of house, the tantric practice and the dance practice which is very nave and natural, such practices is deeply rooted in me and I always try to unfold and transform it in my painting.

My native place is rich with various local art form, among this is the tiger dance (the human colured like tiger with tail) this is usually performed in public on road surrounded with group of people and traditional music, the man attired as tiger dances jumps roars pretends himself to be a tiger. These pretentions I believe is very commonly practiced in man’s daily life, he plays various roles, according to the situations, his capacity and intellect. The shadow like figure in my painting is the inner self. The tantric symbols are not used with meanings but lies on the surface to enhance the beauty and a thought of Indian ethos in my painting.

The transformation of hidden aspect of human nature to art is difficult, people are just full of pretentions and this will last till the human race lasts, and for me it’s never ending subject and I am trying to unfold the dual personalities in my Art.

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